In five years of careful development of Rye King™, we created three different rye-containing basic premixes, which meet diverse requirements. All three of these are very easy to process: All you need to add for the basic dough is water and yeast.

Every premix is available in variable doses (30, 50 or 100% concentrate), which can be replenished economically with your own brand of flour.


For all those who want just a bit more, this is only the start: With little additions, countless tasteful variants can be created. The alpine aroma of Rye King™ makes a wonderful combination with various seeds, fruits, spices, vegetables or even cheese, bacon and ham.

Bring in your regional specialities, experiment with your favourite ingredients – give free rein to your creativity!


Send us your favourite variation of Rye King™: The best recipes will be published here on this website! Please use our contact form

Besides: Those who are interested in on-the-job trainings are welcome to visit us in Austria. Provided purchase quantities are appropriate, we also offer trainings straight at your company by appointment.


Experience limitless variety with these basic premixes: (Details)