Experience limitless variety with the following basic premixes:


original alpine rye breadAlpine Rye
Premix for original alpine and pure rye bread according to Austrian Foodstuffs Act.
Variations: Suggested for sunflower-, pumpkinseed- and flat loaf bread.


country ryeCountry Rye
Premix for rustic country bread made from rye and wheat flour.
Variations: Combines well with anis, fennel and caraway spices. It is also well suited for walnut- and onion bread.


dinner rollsDinner Rolls
Premix designed especially for rolls, buns and small mediterranean bread.
Variations: Suggested for olive-, tomato-, onion-, paprika- and bacon buns, and ‘Wachauerweckerl’ (spiced Austrian buns).


In addition, we also offer the following premixes (with additional rye flour on request):

countrywhiteCountry White
High quality base mix for white bread and rolls.
Variants: white bread, rolls, sandwich, toast, poppy seed buns, raisin buns and breads, croissants, salted sticks, pretzels and pretzel sticks.

briocheFine Brioche (with egg)
Base mix for classic Brioche baking goods with a special Viennese flavour.
Variants: Receipees will be delivered exclusively for our customers.